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E11 is redefining industry disruption to take on the world’s most difficult challenges. We've set its own Advisory unit registered at Abu Dhabi Global Markets to help our strategic partners navigate the dynamic world of innovation through mutually developed roadmaps to digitization.

E11 Advisory  includes:


Innovation Road-mapping

In-depth industry analysis of current and future digital transformation and business innovation trends to enhance our partners’ understanding, role, responsibility and opportunity of advancing innovation for their customers and stakeholders.

Tech Adoption & Proliferation

Building the right foundation to identify, engage, select, pilot, and adopt promising technologies relevant to each strategic partners’ goals, as well as fostering an environment conducive to startup activity, growth and scalability.

Digital Lab Foundry

There are rarely silver-bullet solutions to the challenges large organizations face, which  is why we develop alliances to optimize bespoke, custom-built solution from the ground, to achieve our partners’ desired objectives.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Developing strategic stakes in relevant technology companies around the world that result in powerful international and mutually beneficial exposure, synergies and growth opportunities.

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