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E11 Capital was founded with a simple premise: to internationalize visionary technology companies tackling the world’s biggest social, economic and industrial challenges.

Three principles drive our business philosophy:

  • Trust: The road to success is never a straight line. Every journey awaits its own set of uphills, downhills, and unexpected turns. We believe true partnerships are based on trust. We are in this together, and believe in becoming extensions of one another to reach our common objectives.

  • Authenticity: Hype comes and goes. To us, transparency, a genuine understanding of mutual interests, and a thoughtful execution to achieve win-win outcomes, not only win hearts and minds. They  deliver meaningful results over the long term.

  • Impact: Creating long term sustainable value is much more rewarding than short-term profit maximization. To solve the world's biggest challenges, generating measurable social impact alongside financial returns isn't only necessary, it's a must. We’re in it to not just do well, but do good.

We are utilizing venture capital differently, having developed a unique investment framework that synthesizes systemic challenges with both our limited and strategic partners.


We do this by  developing synergies between them and the world’s pioneering technology companies, while harnessing data to inform our decision-making process. 


This hands-on approach enables us to unlock tremendous value for each portfolio company via our multidimensional, international, acceleration platform.

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